Make My Plate

What is Make My Plate?

Make My Plate is the fun, easy way to succeed in your diet!
Make My Plate allow you to achieve your nutritional goals, whether it's for weight loss or to adjust healthy lifestyle. Using the Plator – the first visual nutrition calculator, you can create your plate just as it was arrange on your lunch plate – get all the nutrition value and keep in a visual food journal.
Best of all, you can browse plates created by other people sharing the same goals as you and from professionals at your choice. Browsing plates is a fun, easy way to discover your next great meal!

The Plator:

Browse Plate:

Looking for a professional to guide you and hold your hand? Using Make My Plate you will be expose to many professionals such as : dietitian, personal trainer, weight loss coachers and many more from all around the world – you will choose the perfect mentor for you to guide you on your pathway to success and reach your goals!

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